Can I get more info about the classes?

The classes are different to what you have see before as I do not use a single method to all students. I plan and tailor all classes specifically for each student.

Are the classes online?

Yes, they are online, via Skype (voice call) and using a shared file where we can paste/ type/edit it at the same time. I have a lot of experience in online classes so rest assured that the class will be as good as face to face classes.

General information about the classes:

  • The classes are for YOU. I am here to make sure you are taking the most out of it and that they are being effective for your purpose.

  • They will be planned and conducted according to your will and need.

  • It is not compulsory to purchase a package of classes. You can book just a one hour class to get to know my work and then purchase package if you wish. Students come back for more classes because they liked my work and not because they purchased a pre-payment package.

General information about me:

  • I've been a private teacher for many years and I love what I do. I have already helped many students achieve their goals.

  • My goal is to help you, either by achieving the grade you want or by improving your spoken / written English in general.

  • You can trust my assessment and pace of class. My teaching philosophy is geared towards its maximum absorption of the taught content.

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